Why are we here. The big question answered

Why are Catalan secessionists on trial?

“Today, I’ve received the fifth notification of the Constitutional Court”

(warning of the obligation to prevent the development of the independence resolution)

“We will continue going forward”




Décision. Requête no 75147/17
The Court considers that the suspension (of the Catalan parliament and government) sought several legitimate aims listed in Article 11, including:

  • maintain public safety
  • defend the order, and
  • protect the rights and freedoms of others

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Key to the problem: who defends plurinationality

Catalan nationalism has always defended plurinationalism

Which of the two demonstrations has two flags?

Demonstration for the Spanish Constitution under the motto “We are all Catalans, for coexistence and common sense”, 2017
National day of Catalonia, called by the nationalist government, 2018

9846512 Spain

65132 Catalonia

486512 Independent Catalonia

Something else, not captured by the words, is going on here.